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Enoved For PE Instructors


All-In-One Digital Platform For Physical Education

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Lesson Delivery

Deliver live instruction online with Zoom
Zoom is integrated into Enoved, allowing educators to facilitate synchronous instruction using a powerful video conferencing tool that’s perfect for remote learning.

Monitor Physical Activities

Structure assessments to meet the needs of your learners
Use Enoved Digital Classroom features to measure progress, at a juncture and cumulatively. Dashboards allow teachers to monitor progress in real time, and students can easily ask questions and get feedback.

A Platform Students Love

Tools for 21st-century students

Today’s students are digital natives and they enjoy interacting with their mobile phones and wearables. With Enoved, it’s easy to share workouts, assignments, create quizzes, or bring your favorite teaching tools onboard.

Tools that PE Teachers need

A ready-made solution for distance and hybrid learning

Enoved was built with online learning in mind, and is perfect for organizations looking for synchronous learning solutions in response to COVID-19.

Lesson Creation

Quickly build interactive daily lessons using Enoved’s suite of education tools

Our customizable lesson builder lets your instructors assemble warm-ups, physical activities, lectures, polls—anything you can think of—into a daily class playlist for students to work through at their pace.

Your All-In-One Hub for Physical Education

All your tools in one place

Share workout videos and class materials, students physical activities are automatically recorded and graded, send messages and make participating in physical activity classes accessible to anyone anywhere. Save yourself time by bringing all your classroom tools together.

Measuring Outcomes

Measure student progress with gradebook features
Keep track of grades in Enoved, or export them to your SIS. The Enoved gradebook is simple to use and robust enough for common classroom measures.


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A Physical Education Platform for Everyone 

Enoved can be used anywhere learning happens

Leveraging wearable technology and our software, Enoved increases the integrity and accountability of online, hybrid or in-person physical education activity classes online.

Enoved Gives Instructors The Opportunity To Increase Their Class Sizes And Students The Flexibility To Do Their Workouts At Times That Are More Convenient For Them While They Juggle Their Classes, Work Schedules Or Family Responsibilities.