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Our Team Will Build a Custom Fitness App That

Your PE Instructors and Students Will Love 

PE Instructor Info

Enoved For School Districts  


A Custom Built Fitness App For Your

Physical Education Department

Built for you

A ready-made mobile solution for your school.

We work with you from the very beginning to build a fitness app that your instructors and students will love instead of simply providing technology and expecting you to figure it.

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Increase Accountability and Class Integrity

In-Person, Online or Hybrid

The Enoved Fitness Mobile App also keeps track of distance covered, calories burned, and average heartrate of the students during their physical activity workouts and automatically records them into the Instructor’s Learning Management System.  

Enoved Mobile Phone Activity Dashboard (
Enoved Mobile Phone Newsfeed (1).png

Keep Your Learning Community Informed

Share articles, blogs, videos, and social media posts related to course subjects directly to your learning community.

In-app Newsfeed

Push Notifications

Keep Your Learning Community Updated

Send push notifications with weekly lessons, daily workouts, remind students about upcoming assignments, encourage discussion and communication, and much more.

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Integrates With Your Learning Management System

Quickly build interactive daily lessons using Enoved’s suite of education tools

With Enoved, it’s easy to share workouts, assignments, create quizzes, or bring your favorite teaching tools onboard. Enoved integrates with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle and Google Classroom. 

Enoved Mobile Phone Dashboard (1).png
Enoved Mobile Phone Connect Wearable (1)

Easy to manage

We take care of everything

Your time is precious so we build apps that work with your existing media, content, and web services, while reducing duplication. That way your administrative duties don't increase.

Enoved Mobile Phone Video Player (1).png

Workout Videos, Media, Podcast, and Audio Player

Amplify your lessons beyond the classroom 
Make it possible for students to connect with your Physical Education courses while on the go.


The Physical Education app by Enoved allows you to deliver rich video and audio content right into the hands of your students so they can engage with your curriculum at the right time and places to meet their needs.

Pre-Order The Enoved Learning Management System Today And Save 50%

We Are CARES Act Eligible. 

Enoved Mobile Phone Course Assignments (

A user-friendly Fitness App for students 

Enoved can be used anywhere learning happens

Students can also use the Enoved Mobile App to read, listen or watch their lessons on the media player, take quizzes and exams, and connect with their peers in group discussions.

Enoved Gives Instructors The Opportunity To Increase Their Class Sizes And Students The Flexibility To Do Their Workouts At Times That Are More Convenient For Them While They Juggle Their Classes, Work Schedules Or Family Responsibilities.

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