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Enoved is CARES Act Eligible

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What is Enoved

What is Enoved?

A Platform For PE Teachers

Enoved is a Digital Health & Wellness Platform specifically tailored for physical education instructors and their students.

Enoved can be used anywhere learning happens—whether in person, online, or a hybrid of the two.

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Tools That PE Teachers Need

Share workout videos and class materials, students physical activities are automatically recorded and graded, send messages and make participating in physical activity classes accessible to anyone anywhere. Save yourself time by bringing all your classroom tools together.

Your PE Community's Hub for Learning

Enoved technology powers all of your online physical education classes—from custom or templated physical activity workouts, quizzes and essays to online resource libraries.


How Does Enoved Work?

Online Class

PE Instructor Creates
A Course in The Course-Builder

PE Instructors can quickly build interactive daily lessons using Enoved’s suite of education tools.


Our customizable lesson builder lets your instructors assemble warm-ups, physical activities, lectures, polls—anything you can think of—into a daily class playlist for students to work through at their pace or synchronously.

How Enoved Works

Students Download Mobile App & Sign Up

Students Who Participate Will  Need A Smartphone And A Wearable To Keep Track Of Distance Covered, Calories Burned, And Average Heartrate During Activities.

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PE Instructor Monitors All Students Activities
From Their Dashboard

All Key Metrics Will Be Automatically Recorded And Sent To The Physical Education Instructor's Dashboard Who Will Be Able To Monitor The Progress Of Each Student Daily And Assign Them A Grade At The End Of the Course.

Curriculum & Courses

Exceptional Curriculum

All Enoved Courses Are Carefully Created By Experienced Physical Education Instructors And Fitness Industry Professionals.

All Assignments And Workouts Are Designed To Increase The Fitness Levels Of Each Participant While Showing Them The Proper Form to Execute Each Exercise Proficiently. 
Crossfit Exercise
Curriculum & Courses

Popular PE Courses

Our Platforms Offers Classes In Which The Activities Of The Students Can Be Measured By Smartphone Or Wearables Such As Walking, Jogging, Fitness, And Conditioning.   


In The Upcoming Semesters We Will Add Weightlifting, Swimming And Yoga. 

Get Credits Towards Graduation

The Courses That Enoved Offers Are Fully Accredited And Transferable (For UC, Cal State, And Most Universities And Colleges In The US).

With Enoved College And High School Students Can Take Those Classes Right From The Comfort Of Their Own Home Or Local Gym.

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